WeChat for PC

Are you unaware as how to install WeChat for PC? There are a few steps that can help you to install WeChat for your personal computer. You can expect to complete the installation process in an easy and simple manner by adhering to the steps provided. There are a few requirements that can help you to ensure safe and trouble free installation.

The requirements that are required include a personal computer,

1.- WeChat for Android file

2.- Android Emulator.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, you also need your SIM card and a specific software that helps to ensure the connection to the Telnet protocol.


How to install WeChat for PC

Firstly, it is necessary to ensure safe download of the bluestacks application player. It is important to bear in kind that bluestacks app player is a specific type of web installer. The web installer makes it obligatory on the part of the internet to fetch the files in an ultimate approach. The next step that you must follow is to install WeChat inside the bluestacks. It will not be an erroneous claim to make that the installation of WeChat inside bluestacks is an extremely easy and straightforward process.

Are you finding it difficult to locate the "Social tab"? Well! You can easily find the Social tab in the window itself. You need to click the install button in order to start the process of installation. The steps to follow afterwards are the same that you must follow while setting up WeChat on your mobile phone. You can always complete the verification process by providing the mobile phone number. The WeChat will be activated as soon as you enter the activation number that is provided.
Here you have the download of WeChat android

Included Technical Specifications: WeChat for pc

Regarding the technical specifications, it is possible to claim that WeChat makes use of the customized version of XMPP. The WeChat software performs an effective comparison of all the phone numbers from the address book of the device. It makes use of the central database in an effort to automatically include the necessary contacts to the contact list of WeChat. A recent technical update associated with the application is responsible for the generation of a random password. The random password is generated on the server side.
There are a few security concerns that associate with the WeChat Software. It was not long ago that the software application featured a security hole. The existence of the security hole always one of the prime reasons as to why the user accounts could be hijacked in an easy manner.

There are also rumors that the communication pattern is not encrypted. The data that this sent and received is plain rather than encrypted thus enhancing the possibility of data theft. The latest version of this particular software boasts of encrypted messages thus eliminating the possibility of any type of session hijacking. However, it is important to understand that the cryptographic method was not specified. This type of application will surely gain popularity since it also helps users to send audio media messages and images apart from facilitating text messaging.

WeChat for PC Features

- Live Chat

- Group Chat QR Code

- Chat History Backup

- Video Call

- Moments

- Voice Chat

- Web WeChat

- Emoticons

- Group Chat

- Shake

- Look Around

- Drift Bottle

- Facebook Connect

BBM for Android the other one

BBM application developed by BlackBerry, was only available for devices of this company. BBM is the instant messaging application most used by users of Smartphone devices of Canadian company, especially young people.

After a long wait the company has announced that BBM for Android is available click here, a version of this highly anticipated app for Android users. This version retains all the features available on BlackBerry devices.

BBM for Android is a great application that comes strong in the market for instant messaging applications, since the appearance of WhatsApp for PC here, every day new applications looking for users and achieve global success